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mood probiotics

Mood Boosting Probiotics


Psychobiotics are real, and they’re here.

I began my journey looking for answers to my depression and anxiety a few years ago after having my three children. Dr. Google always makes me wonder what’s real and what’s not, and there were therapists out the ying-yang battling for my attention for their services.

I tried therapists. I tried antidepressants. I listened to my doctors and psychologists, but nothing was really helping, and I felt like I was slightly easing the symptoms but not really fixing the main root of the issue.

Then I began studying the microbiome as part of my graduate work at the Culinary Institute of America, and I learned about an entire world of tiny gut-bugs living in our bodies that can sway our mental health by producing more happy chemicals, like serotonin. On the flipside, if you aren’t getting the right balance of probiotics in your diet or have a gut issue causing it to be constantly inflamed, you might NOT be producing enough serotonin, and low levels can lead to depression and anxiety.


So there could be a physical reason why I feel this way? It’s not just all in my head? It could be, actually, in my GUT?

This was a turning point. Learning about the role the gut-microbiome plays in our mental health has opened my eyes to new possibilities for handling my mood disorders (yes, I have more than one).

Amber's Story - How Probiotics Helped my Anxiety

Probiotics with Prebiotics

If I can take a daily probiotic that gives me the balance of good bacteria that I need to rebalance my microbiome and feel happy, than why wouldn’t I add that to my health plan for maintaining my mental wellness?

Probiotic supplements also help with digestion, immunity, and inflammation, and a healthier body is naturally going to make you feel better and put your mind at ease.  If your gut is less inflamed, your mind is less panicked that something might be wrong.

Then, I took it a step further by learning about Prebiotics. Yes, PREbiotics actually do something, and they are totally necessary! Prebiotics FEED the probiotics to keep them happy and stimulated. When you take a probiotic supplement or include them in your diet, make sure you’re also getting a heaping daily dose of prebiotics to keep those little gut bugs happy! It will help keep you happy 🙂

Taking probiotics with prebiotics every day is a good way to ensure you’re getting what you need to boost your mind and mood. However, you shouldn’t just be taking ANY probiotics.  Relatively new microbiome science shows that certain strains of bacteria have psychobiotic properties, meaning they act more on the nervous system than other probiotic strains.

Mood Probiotics

mood probiotic

Psychobiotics are bacterial strains that are thought to have a positive influence on the mind. Many neurotransmitters that affect your mind actually stem from your gut, so the theory is that you can control the chemical levels in your body through your gut that tell your mind that it’s healthy and not to be worried about sickness.

After all, when we’re anxious, we feel it in our stomachs, and the communication goes both ways. The gut and brain speak to each other constantly, so when one’s not happy, neither is the other. It makes sense that to make your brain feel happier, more calm, and less worried, you can begin by making sure your gut is properly balanced with the right microbiome enhancing probiotics to help.

Also, if you suffer from IBS or other gut-digestion issues, you might be at higher risk for depression and anxiety, or other mood issues. It’s like a never-ending cycle, your gut feels bad, so your head feels bad. You can treat the underlying gut problems while also knowing that finding the right balance of nutrients for your own body could potentially help ease your mood disorders. It’s a win-win.

Educating myself about the potential health benefits of psychobiotics and prebiotics has changed my life and emboldened me to spread the word to help other people. If you suffer from mood disorders like depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse, or a myriad of other mental health issues, probiotics might be able to help. Everyone’s microbiome is different, but if you’re reading this post it means you’re searching just like I was two years ago.

There is an answer. Nutriotix® is determined to provide the best probiotics and prebiotics on the market that target your mood and mind. Try healing your mind through healing your gut – it just might work. 

probiotic for mood and anxiety

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