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dog probiotic
dog probiotics
probiotic dog
probiotics for dog
probiotics for dogs

Gut Issues Bringing Your Dog Down?

When your stomach hurts, you don’t feel good, do you? Neither does your dog! If your dog suffers from food sensitivity, diarrhea, constipation, or has other problems digesting food, maybe their bacterial gut microbiome is out of whack and needs some love and attention. Giving your dog probiotic powder daily is an easy way to supplement the missing nutrition that might be causing stomach problems in the first place.

probiotic dogs

Bacteria to the Rescue!

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your dog, his microbiome, and his overall wellness. When consumed, they multiply and thrive in your dog’s gut, pushing out bad bacteria to bring his body back to a more naturally balanced state. When an animal’s gut microbiome moves from a dysbiotic imbalanced state to a more natural state of bacterial harmony, it can help your dog feel happier.

probiotic powder for dogs


Gut Bugz K9 Probiotic Powder for Dogs is formulated with a unique canine probiotic blend that targets doggy’s GI-Tract to help improve digestion and reduce diarrhea. Your dog will LOVE the great chicken and bacon flavor of our probiotic powder that you sprinkle directly over food every day. It couldn’t be easier to help proactively protect and love your dog every single day.

probiotic for dogs

The Nutriotix® Mission

Improving animal gut wellness with a probiotic approach is at the foundation of Nutriotix’s core values and beliefs. You and your family deserve to feel better, including your pets. Gut imbalance should never stop you or your pet from living your happiest lives possible. Incorporating probiotic powder into your dog’s daily routine might be the missing PEACE your best friend has been longing for.

Dog Probiotics | Digestion & Immunity for Dogs by Nutriotix®

best probiotic for dog
best probiotic for dogs
best probiotics for dogs

Proper GI Function Regularity is Key to Keeping your Dog Happy!

best probiotics for dog

Regular and proper GI Function is necessary for your dog’s body to be able to absorb all of the nutrients from his food. This is how your dog obtains energy, and the food’s vitamins and minerals help build and repair animal tissues to keep your pooch feeling good. When food is improperly digested or absorbed, or its passage through the digestive tract is changed, your dog might have a digestive disorder. This can lead to malnutrition and an imbalance of nutrients, so always consult with your veterinarian when you recognize the signs of a possible GI-Tract disorder. Supplementing your dog’s food with probiotics can help to regulate the GI-Tract and gives your dog’s digestive system the nutritional boost it needs to balance itself out.

Less Powder Maintains Proper Digestion, More Powder Relieves Digestive Discomfort

k9 dog probiotic 1

For dogs of all sizes, just adjust the amount of daily scoops to either maintain a proper digestive system or proactively support GI-discomfort relief. If your dog is experiencing digestive discomfort always talk to your veterinarian, but promoting good digestive habits through regular dietary probiotic supplementation is a natural choice you can make for your pet.

Chicken and Bacon flavors with a hint of liver will have your doggie coming back for more!

Probiotic Bacteria Naturally Balance Out the Gut

k9 dog probiotics

Not only does probiotic bacteria promote better digestion and immunity, our daily probiotic powder supplement may also boost your dog’s mood by easing anxiety through nourishing the animal gut microbiome. Emerging science shows that improving bacterial diversity in the gut may positively influence the mind through the connection between the gut and the brain, known as the gut-brain axis. If your dog suffers from anxiety, balancing the gut bacterial flora may help relieve stress.

Who Knew Little Bugz Could Make You So HAPPY!

k9 probiotics

Anytime you feel bad, some good ol fashioned TLC goes a long way to helping you feel better, doesn’t it? Same goes for your dogs! Most of us try to avoid feeling bad if we possibly can, so we should take the same precautionary care for the animals we love – after all, they love us unconditionally, to the ends of the Earth and around the Moon. Help them have overall better wellness through proper nutrition and diverse gut microflora – those little buggers really work magic inside your dog’s (and your own!) body.

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k9 probiotic
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k9 probiotic dogs
canine probiotics