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The Goddess of Hope

Psychobiotic & Mood Probiotics with Prebiotics by Nutriotix®

The beloved icon on our bottles is rooted in history and meaning, and represents how we feel about probiotics and gut health.  

Elpis was the Greek goddess of Hope. In the search for light in the darkness, hope guides our way through confusion and pain towards knowing there is a better future on the other side.

Adding probiotics to your daily routine may help calm inflammation in your body, helping you to feel better all around. Since your gut communicates with your brain through the gut-brain axis, when you feed your body healthy good bacteria, happy signals travel to your brain creating serotonin which leads to a more calm mental state. By rebalancing your gut microbiome using our daily probiotics + prebiotics, you may create positive mood changes along the way. *





up to 50 BILlion CFU


up to 12 probiotic strains


For Adults, Teens, & dogs

About Us

With everything we do, we believe in helping you feel happier and healthier, so you can live your best life possible.

Nutriotix is committed to providing the highest quality probiotic strains infused with prebiotics, to support elevated mental health and mood. 

It's a brave new psychobiotic world. Join us on our journey to find new solutions for mental wellness.”

ELena moore -founder nutriotix

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